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Created 2008.

The aerosol spraying over Anchorage has been heavy this week, and I have been feeling sooooo tired!  Could my fatigue be related to the chemicals in the chemtrails that enter my lungs against my will? ...and to complicate matters, I live about a four-hour drive from the HAARP site. I just learned about chemtrails recently and have a lot to learn. I welcome any information, advice, or links that might be helpful.

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Hi Sharon,

I believe chemtrails can cause all types of problems. I recently went into the doctor to get a check up for being tired, flu like symptoms. I went to get a blood test for low vitamin D etc., taking 3000mil D per week before going...when I got the results!  No thyroid function..normal 0.1-0.5...mine 15..the aluminum in chemtrails does interfere with thyroid, that's what was causing my fatigue! My vitamin D..good...everything else, good. Taking .5 thyroid medication of difference!  HARRP, the weird ear ringing we all get here sometimes, birds act weird, insects act weird, is caused by it. 

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for the helpful information. Speaking of the thyroid, I a small tumor on my thyroid and had to have half of it removed because from my biopsy and visual clues during my surgery, it looked like cancer, but it wasn't. The "medical" term the doctor used to describe this tumor was "weird tumor." medical term.  There are no doubt many others like us who have suffered thyroid issues from chemicals in our air, water, and food, but don't know where to look. I just increased my thyroid meds for the third time, as the half that I still have is becoming less functional. I used to experience ringing in my ears on occassion, but now - all of the time! Do you live in Alaska, too? 

Now that's really interesting, as I too have thyroid problems and have to take thyroxine every day. Plus, I get the tinnitus in my ears. In fact, I hadn't had it for a while, but it's recently started up again. There are a lot of odd things happening and I could never put my finger on what was wrong with me. All my blood tests, etc, come back normal, and I put it down to CFS / ME, but I know so many people who've been diagnosed with that too, so there's obviously something causing the rise of it.

Hi Sharon,

Where I live in a little seaside town in East Devon, England, we had heavy bombardment of chemtrails all last year. Here in the south-west we are in the sub-tropics, and have the warmest conditions in Britain, but the summers have become very cold, especially last year. Anyway, after christmas last year everyone I knew became ill with chronic fatigue, flu-like symptoms and general malaise. It's a small town and the kind of place where people stop to chat in shops, and everyone I met had these symptoms. The symptoms lasted well into spring, when the spraying stopped, and after which we had a glorious short time of hot, sunny, summer weather. Then it started up again and the whole country was devastated by severe and continuous heavy rain and floods. I have never known or heard of the whole country being affected before...just looking at the flood warning map all you could see was huge swathes of red (for high risk flooding) and a few patches of amber (medium risk flooding). Not one county or area was spared. I do not think this was a coincidence. And the spraying has started up again recently. :(

Hii Eileen,

All of what you said sounds so familiar. We have had some very heavy spraying during the summer, and we, too, have been getting hit with a lot of rain, causing flooding, and many high wind events, hurricane force at times. A significant number of people in Anchorage lost their electic power for several days, resulting from one of these storms recently. One of the chemicals that they hit us with results in a brain fog, in addition to the fatigue and, as you stated, "general malaise." I would really like to know which chemical causes the brain fog. Are people in Britian as clueless about chemtrails as they are here in the USA? Even when I show people pictures taken at intervals, revealing the fact that the chemicals spread out all over the place, and are not real clouds, they treat me like I am one of those "tin foil hat" people. Our only defense is an educated population, so we need to keep spreading the word, I guess. 

Yes, I had the brain fog too. I could barely make myself do the things that I'm passionate about, and only managed to do the needful, day to day stuff...and not even that sometimes because of the fatigue. What is more than annoying now, is that after a short couple of weeks doing the interesting, creative things again, the brain fog is back after three days of spraying. It's taken me ages to write this reply, re-editing and staring at it, and it still doesn't look right to me! lol.

I know just what you mean about the 'tin foil hat' treatment. I haven't met anyone personally who knows or believes in chemtrails, except on line. I've tried bringing it up when chatting to people working in the shops, but they just put their heads on one side and stare at me as if to say 'I used to think you were okay, but I'm not so sure now!' LOL!


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