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Created 2008.

Hello everyone, I have a couple of concerns/questions.... Do bi-planes and the chemtrail/contrail planes go hand in hand...and, I have noticed they seem to be spraying a bit less in my area...but I do see a jet spraying contrails, then a bi-plane, and then, out of nowhere there seem to appear a haze and was beautiful and sunny today until right no.....I saw the planes, and , just all the sudden, in the middle of the sky, near the sun, are clouds......

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Gosh, I thought I replied to this, but it apparently didn't go through. 

To reiterate, Bi-planes have been crop dusting for almost a century, and the talented pilots swoop very low over the crops for the purpose of containing the pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers as closely to their target crops as possible.   Chemtrail jets dispense their 'product' at altitudes of 45.000 ft and above..incidentally, where contrails are impossible to form due to lack of moisture at that height.  I can't see a relationship between crop dusting planes and chemtrail dispensing jets, for a number of reasons. 

I do see one similarity, and that is, that both planes dispense a substance that is billowy coming from the back of the plane.  No self-respecting crop duster would hurt anything but the bugs or disease he or she is trying to stop or prevent.   On the other hand, we don't even know if the pilots who dispense chemtrails are made, anywhere near, aware of what they are spraying.  The reason for that is called military compartmentalization- the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, obey without question, and they are told the reason for this is that so no one person can give up the answer for why they are doing it.  This works two ways, obviously.  The pilot thinks he is waylaying the greenhouse effect, but has no idea he is part of a mass genocide program for elitists. No guilt, no protest! 


Amazingly, we have had much less Chem-Trails this year than last.  The sky is blue and clear and has been for days.  I don't hear the planes each morning either.  I have written my
Senators and Congressman and they all come up with a different story.  Wyden responded by saying he supported anything that curtailed global warming and Defazio responded by saying he checked with NASA and they said it was normal con-trails.  We can accomplish something if enough people write in and expose them to our knowledge.  We need to write to all Senators and Congressmen and then when the truth about Chem-trials are exposed they can be held accountable and cannot use the excuse they were unaware.  Being notified and not checking into the truth is irresponsible for our government officials. Unfortunately, most likely, they are involved in the conspiracy.


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