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Created 2008.

I hope you all get this out to everyone you know. This is not the best news to read as a matter of fact most of us will not be alive in the near future.

This is the true low down on what is going to happen nothing can be done to stop it nothing can be done to change it this is the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

This is the reduction in population that they have been pushing for.


There are only 38 days or less until the fuel sustains a full-scale fission criticality. The boron, (which stops nuclear fission from occurring) will have exceeded its lifespan by this time…
Tepco had already made a request as of march to evacuate the reactors. Though they are being forced to see it until the end by the Japanese government. God bless their souls. As it surely is a death mission.

The first death was reported on Friday. Meaning, that the situation is already well beyond cataclysmic. In all reality, the worlds biggest dirty bomb will be released in no more than 38 days…

Tepco will likely evacuate the site between the dates: June 16th – June 28th…

“This is because boron is limited and can no longer sustain its self within the current settings”.

Meaning: the fuel will release amounts of neutrons in such excess that the boron “in any quantity” will be now be unable to capture enough neutrons to stop a criticality.

At this time neutrons will begin to react against atoms, leading to a spike in temperatures exceeding any known cooling process… The fuel will then go core through the floor, and reach the water table in no less than 1-6 hours…

At that time the fuel will both be released in atmospheric and oceanic / form. Plaguing Japan first and foremost. I presume that over 100,000- 10,000,000 deaths will be attributed to the event alone. Japan will likely be forced to abandon the main island entirely within that time.

The continental united states will see the radiation within 2 days. The radiation will sweep across the northwest, as far north as Vancouver canada, and as far south as new mexico. The main area’s to be astray from are seattle through sandiego. The radiation will likely be 350 – 800cmp. (fyi 200cpm is when you should run indoors)…

This will continue as a global norm for at least two months, at that time reactors 5 and 6 will likely begin the path to china syndrome. If you are in a temporary fallout shelter, by august, you should be planning to find a more permanent location to settle…

Come November, the situation will likely start over again, now reaching 1000cpm or more. It will be anywhere up to a century for the initial radiation plumes to settle… The 600,000 spent fuel rods, will likely contaminate the entire planet killing 45% or more, of life on earth…

“Once the reaction from neutrons has dwindled to a 100-300 cpm internationally”; The biological life forms will begin to emerge from the now very few uncontaminated portions of the planet… Though human dna will likely be mutated, and lifespans will be lowered to 20 – 44 years old in adult males, and 25 – 50 years old in Adult females.

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Comment by David Reed on May 22, 2011 at 12:02am
Just so you know I have been taking anti radiation drugs from the 29th of March.I am stock piling potassium iodide for next month. Everyone should be making real plans or just plain plan on kissing their ass good bye. Neutron beams have been shooting out of 1 reactor for awhile. Number 3 was a Mox fuel which means it was full of Plutonium!!!!! This one blew up and scattered thousands of plutonium rods all over the ground and into the ocean. Each rod weighs 1800 pounds something like 600.000 rods 2 pounds of Plutonium is enough to kill every human on earth. Do the math on that. In June the 3 reactors that are melted will hit water and then we will pretty much have a very short time left on earth. The food the water the air everything will be covered in PLUTONIUM. Half life 250.000 years on some of this.
Comment by David Reed on May 21, 2011 at 11:45pm


Real time radiation map

“We discovered that our theoretical calculations didn’t have a strong correlation with reality. But we just couldn’t admit to the public that all these safety systems we told you about might not do any good” -Atomic Energy Commission scientist

The Japanese government and Tepco claim that the nuclear reactors are "stable" and that radiation releases have subsided to low levels.

But world renowned physicist Michio Kaku - who studied under atom bomb developer Edward Teller - told Democracy Now today:


The situation is not stable at all. So, you’re looking at basically a ticking time bomb. It appears stable, but the slightest disturbance—a secondary earthquake, a pipe break, evacuation of the crew at Fukushima—could set off a full-scale meltdown at three nuclear power stations, far beyond what we saw at Chernobyl.


When the utility says that things are stable, it’s only stable in the sense that you’re dangling from a cliff hanging by your fingernails. And as the time goes by, each fingernail starts to crack. That’s the situation now.


TEPCO is like the little Dutch boy. All of a sudden we have cracks in the dike. You put a finger here, you put a finger there. And all of a sudden, new leaks start to occur, and they’re overwhelmed.
The New York Times summarizes the real situation in a single sentence:
Tokyo Electric in recent days has acknowledged that damage at the plant was worse than previously thought, with fuel rods most likely melting completely at Reactors 1, 2 and 3 in the early hours of the crisis, raising the danger of more catastrophic releases of radioactive materials.
Comment by David Reed on May 21, 2011 at 11:34pm
Americans are being asked to prepare themselves for possibly the most dangerous situation imaginable: a zombie apocalypse.

That’s right. Zombies.

The U.S.-based Centers for Disease Control made its message of emergency preparedness a little sexier this year by turning to a trendy piece of pop culture: a blog offering advice on how to prepare for the inevitable moment when the walking dead take over the Earth and come looking to feed on you. [...]

The CDC designed the campaign based on a passing comment about zombies and the seeping nuclear material from the Fukushima plant in tsunami-devastated Japan.
Comment by David Reed on May 21, 2011 at 11:32pm
Comment by CrashTheAZsprayers on May 21, 2011 at 9:24pm
David......Are you a nuclear scientist?  I know it doesn't take a genius to see what's right under our noses, but where did you get this info and timeline?  Does this mean if we do indeed get these doses we will die very quickly, like within hours or days?

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