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Created 2008.

The Truth about Chemtrails

If you are reading this you have witnessed & are most likely concerned about chemtrails.


After reading most everything on the internet about chemtrails, I decided to do my own research & experiments. While there is some valid information out, I have found most info on chemtrails is just plain wrong & misleading.


The internet crowd focuses on big Military Jets & government involvement. It has been spun into a conspiracy about everything from stopping Global Warming, to Forced Inoculation, HAARP, Weather Modification or even Population Reduction!


In this short article, I will show you what chemtrails really are, how they are made, who is doing it & why.


You may be shocked to learn the truth about chemtrails. You may also, at the same time find that they are far from what you once thought they were.


What are Chemtrails?

Chemtrails are tiny particles (0.6 to 0.9 micron) of 3 Carbon & 7 Hydrogen atoms, CH2(CH3)CH2, sprayed from the tail-fins of small propeller airplanes.


You can easily see this for yourself with a good pair of binoculars & a steady hand or tripod. It is best observed with the sun to your back & the airplane directly overhead as it flies away from you. Focus on the tail-fin.

How are Chemtrails Generated?

If you have ever been to a play or concert with smoke or fog, you have seen a type of chemtrail.

The Chemplanes simply use an “Oil” type of smoke generator.

 Mineral oil is forced thru a hot manifold then piped to exit ports on the tail fins.

 A small “Idle” flow of oil is constantly pumped to give the illusion of a “Normal” contrail that lingers for a few thousand feet then “Seems” to fade away. This still provides a great deal of haze. When they believe they are hidden from view the flow of oil is increased to maximum.  This gives the long lasting classic chemtrail.


How are Chemtrails laid out?

They start spraying before dawn to well after sunset, every day.

Ideally, they would be laid out around the entire Earth in a military grid pattern. The much dreaded “Checker Board” we have all witnessed. Many countries like China will not allow such foolishness to take place in their airspace.

However, it seems that all the people we talk to have an issue & resentment about being sprayed with chemicals against their will. So the people responsible for spraying us like bugs “TRY” to hide their dirty deeds.

They try hard to blend in by following NORMAL Air Traffic routes, fly at the correct speed & altitude but they just can’t do it!

They fly just at cloud level at slow speed in wild random patterns. Often making 45° to 180° degree turns or even flying in circles & “S” patterns! They are trying to make you think there is nothing but pure natural clouds up there, but you are too smart & observant to fall for this Trickery. 

Since they can’t get 100% White out coverage across the entire United States airspace, they will place an “X” in the sky to determine wind drift over a population center. It helps them see how the chemicals are spreading so they can be laid down more efficiently. The more “Eyes” the more chemical coverage. This applies to the highways & interstates also.


 8 Planes Spraying!!!

All chemtrails are believed to be made with oil. The differences in appearance can be attributed to oil flow volume, wind, air temperature, humidity & aircraft speed.

Chemdogs & Chembows or halos around the sun are the result of too high of oil flow. The heating block cannot heat all the oil to the flash point turning it into smoke. An oil mist or vapor is expled into the atmosphere making a chemical rainbow.

Ever wonder why you find an oily haze on your windsheild?

Training is repeatedly going over the same area. The smoke gets so thick it becomes opaque giving a black line.


What Planes are used?

The chemtrail people seem to prefer Beechcraft B200 & B300 planes but we have witness them using to a much lesser extent Beechcraft C90 or B100 airplanes. This pertains to the United States only as other countries may use other planes. Again this is easily verified with your binoculars no matter where you live.

The reason is that they look like twin engine jets in the air & are a lot cheaper to purchase & fly.

Remember, these are common small twin engine airplanes hiding in plain sight, right under your noses. They do not fly from secret hidden military airstrips or out of Area 51. The airplanes are in hangers overnight at your local airports & almost certainly stop there to refuel. They are NOT unmarked; In fact most of the planes are brightly decorated!!!   Nor do they have odd mechanical apparatus affixed to the outside of the planes.

They blend in so well with their surroundings that they go unnoticed. This is how they have gotten away with this for the last 10 years. I doubt that the hangers will be full to the rafters with empty mineral oil drums but you never know. It would be something to watch for.

The total number of airplanes worldwide must be in the low hundreds. This is a Massive Operation! Who could afford such a thing??? Only the wealthiest billionaires!


What are Chemtrails for?

When Chemtrails first started it was a joint effort between the wealthy & the US Military under the guise of Crowd Control. They want to prevent migrating hoards of evacuating souls from reaching their survival bunkers.

One of the most famous tests occurred in Oakville, Washington on August 7, 1994. Tiny blobs of gelatinous goo rained from the sky making dozens of people severely ill.

Once the military learned that the plan was actually to kill the evacuees, they backed out & wanted nothing to do with it.

The plan now is to keep fogging up the skies until it is time to poison us to death.

These are some Extremely Sick & Dangerous people that need to be taken off the streets Immediately!

So why would someone be spending all this money to fly around a bunch of smoke machines???

It is very simple. They don’t want you, the people that keep this country running, to notice an Orb near the Sun.

Please watch these videos-

Los Angeles April 19th 2012


That is it. That is the whole reason for Chemtrails at this time.

OK, so there is an orb by the sun, so what?

Someone is afraid that you might research what you just found & panic. You might make a connection between this intruding celestial object & the present earth changes.

Changes like-

Record Heat/ Cold, Sun & Moon out of place, Drought, Record Hail, Floods, landslides, Record Tornadoes, Sinkholes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes becoming active, the Earth Moaning & Booming, Dead Fish & Animals, Magnetic Spirals in the skies.

Who Is Responsible?

The ones who have the MOST TO LOSE are the ones who have the most to spend. It has been stated that it is the wealthy elite, the billionaires, funding the Chemtrails.

They fear that we will panic, Stop going to work, paying taxes & cash out our life’s savings to buy food, water, tools, guns, ammo, survival gear & medical supplies.

They now have an INTENSE Fear of us finding out about them trying to deceive & keep us in the dark until the last possible moment with something as stupid & idiotic as airplanes with smoke machines! They fear chemtrail protests springing up in their front yards & turning violent! They REALLY fear angry mobs coming for them!

Don’t think for a minute that the United States government is innocent in all this. They have known for over 60 years that this day would come & said NOTHING! They have spent our Tax dollars to build survival shelters & bases for themselves like under the Denver Airport, only to leave us out in the cold rain. They have spent Billions of our tax dollars with NASA to track this incoming object with probes, telescopes & satellites. Yet they say NOTHING!

 As if this were not enough, you have the government passing crazy laws against “Prepping”, while they prepare for Martial Law & build FEMA Camps to imprison U.S. citizens. 

Now Obama has declared an “National Emergency”

 Martial Law is now just a pen stroke away.

Remember when former Minnesota governor Jessie Ventura had started talking about some of this on his TV show “Conspiracy Theory” years ago? You may want to re-watch some of these shows.

All these “Seemingly” unrelated Pieces now fit together perfectly like a puzzle.

This is why in an age of global terrorism they “Allow” these private planes to spray their own citizens on a daily basis. Yes the FAA & DHS are fully aware that there is a whole lota spraying going on. Try to report these planes & see what response you get.




Who is to say that other terrorist will not get big ideas from the chemtrail people & decide to pursue this route with biological agents or poisons? What could stop them???


What Now?

Start by observing that these are Indeed Small Propeller Planes & not Jets!!!

All you need is a little time & a good pair of binoculars. In our part of the United States there’s always one or more planes spraying at ALL TIMES. We have counted 8- YES 8 planes spraying at once.

Try to get a CLEAR view of the sun. This is the biggest RED FLAG that a cover-up is going on.

REMEMBER- The only reason for chemtrails is to BLOCK YOUR VIEW of the Sun! Even if you can’t see a well defined chemtrail, you will ALWAYS see a White Haze in the air.

NO more deep blue skies for you!!!

Double Edge Sword

All souls on this planet are Exactly 100% Equal. No one has more rights than anyone else regardless of wealth.

Just because some rich Jackasses can afford to fill our skies with unnecessary Toxic Pollution DOES NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT to do so!

I, personally have a Deep Resentment & Great Anger about be FORCED to breathe this crap & live under a perpetually cloudy sky. I would NOT HESITATE to “EXPRESS” my anger to ANYONE involved in this most deceitful deception!


Until that day comes, I learned to use Chemtrails to my advantage. My mission is to point out to my fellow man that “Something is going on & someone is trying to hide it from them”.

Chemtrails are the perfect tool to show family, friends, co-workers & neighbors that something is not RIGHT. Not one person –ZERO- has tried to deny Chemtrails exist after we point them out.  It also really peaks their interest when they learn that these are small airplanes & not even jets at all!


I believe everything stated here to be 100% accurate but STRONGLY INCOURAGE YOU to do YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

 For example, to test this theory we built a smoke generator with nothing more than an old coffee maker, air compressor, some baby oil, plastic bottle & copper tubing. It is incredible how efficient this is. A teaspoon of oil is all it takes to fill an entire Quonset (metal barn) with a THICK HAZE! No need for them to fly around with tons of chemicals!

We have yet to find any chemplanes that will show up on flight tracking websites. They are all blocked for obvious reasons. There is a chance the chemplanes may be viewed with a USB- ADS-B receiver for your laptop. I personally have never had the chance to try this method & have not talked to anyone who has so I cannot vouch for this working.

The pilots can also be heard chatting with your local control tower on a radio scanner set to receive 118 MHz to 137 MHz. They must always announce their “N” or flight numbers to air traffic control. There are websites where you can listen if you don’t have a scanner but may not be available for all areas.

To learn more about Chemtrails & what they are trying to hide please visit these 2 Excellent websites-


Much of this information was gathered from there.

Here you can learn how to find this object for yourself with a digital camera or cell phone & a floppy disk as a filter. Chemtrails are pretty much harmless against a red filter. No better proof than seeing for yourself!


This photo was shot through the chemtrails shown above.


Whatever YOUR beliefs are, please point Chemtrails out to other people. I am still amazed by the amount of people that tell me “You know? I have never noticed that before”.


This is Absolutely the PERFECT EVIDENCE that a COVER-UP is currently taking place right above their heads!!!


What more could you ask for? The government or NASA to make a public announcement? You will be waiting awhile.


Chemtrails have been dumped on us for over 10 years now & until we get those responsible, they are not going away anytime soon; learn to use them to your advantage.


Nothing SCREAMS COVER-UP like suspicious white lines in the sky!


Now you know truth about chemtrails.


YOU have every right to a clean, unadulterated sky!

Keep looking- We will bring these Filthy Bastards to Justice!


Please share this with everyone you know.

Thank you for your time!


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Comment by El Dorado on July 27, 2012 at 5:43pm

Latest Cover-Up Excuse!

Trojan Asteroid Found Sharing Earth's Orbit—A First

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer spacecraft (WISE) has found 2 secret asteroids!

Quote from Martin Connors-

“When you look out towards Jupiter you've got no real problems picking up its Trojans because they're in the night sky for us most of the time", says Connors.

"But for our own Trojans, they're kind of near to the sun, so they're the sort of thing you'll only see for an hour or so in the evening and in the morning, that's your only opportunity to look for them. That's why none have been found before."


They say that it has been there forever & now all of a sudden it is making a special guest appearance in the morning & evening! In all this time in history, no one on this planet has noticed a second smaller sun above our sun until now???


Something don't add up. 

Please watch this video & pay attention to the alleged orbit-


Ok, I know nothing about astrophysics & don’t claim to but for an object to have ANY ORBIT it must have a focal point or center of gravity like a planet or star to orbit around. Otherwise it just keeps going in a straight line.

 The animation shows that first it’s over here then it’s over there. It’s a magical object that appears at random & orbits around nothing in dead space???


So I guess that this is it folks. This is the best bullshit story that NASA & the government can come up with to explain the object in the sky everyone around the world is capturing???

We Americans pay a ton in taxes so we can be B.S.ed by the government & this is the best that they can come up with???

A Trojan asteroid with a magical orbit???

First they tried to roll out “Global Warming” to explain the earth changes. People laughed when the cover-up could not explain how this was causing the volcanic eruptions & earthquakes.

Then they tried “solar Flares” & people laughed as this was no better.

But this is just a joke. They truly think we are a nation of Idiots. Anyone with the IQ above an eggplant can see right thru their B.S.!

Can a asteroid cause violent storms? Floods? The Drought? Heatwave? Sun rising almost due north on some mornings? Volcanic eruptions? Earthquakes? Sinkholes? Dead Animals in mass?

NO, It Cannot!

Now that visibility of the Nibiru complex has increased dramatically & the Chemtrails can no longer hide it, the government is a state of panic & reaching for anything to stall the inevitable they know is coming for them when the truth finally comes out.

In fact they are so scared of public outrage, Obama recently declared a “National Emergency” about the Russians. Yes, a National Emergency.

This now means that all the ground work has been laid & all that is left to do to declare martial law is to sign the paperwork.

None of this made the news for obvious reasons but can be read at under the executive orders page.

I fully understand that the idea of brown dwarf star passing thru our solar system every 3,600 years is impossible for most people to believe or even comprehend but one thing I can tell you I know for a fact, there is an object by the sun & it is NOT a Trojan Asteroid!

No a-holes in government are EVER going to tell me what I am seeing.


Comment by El Dorado on July 27, 2012 at 5:30pm

Thank you for the comment Terry!

I am still amazed that after all these years very few people have actually took the time to get out & dust off a pair of binoculars & look at these planes for themselves!

They all have shiny chrome “cones” in the middle of each propeller that reflect sunlight at the right angle.  See any photo of a Beechcraft King Air. They all have a Chrome cones on the propellers. This is so easy to see if you are patient. On several of occasions I have been able to see the props themselves.

Even more amazing is watching the smoke gushing out of the tail-fin with binoculars! It is unbelievable! At first we thought it was some kind of liquid spray but the math just don’t work when you take into account the maximum weight these planes can carry. They would need to be landing to reload constantly for a flow of that volume. I know of no liquid that can be sprayed into the air that would turn into a fog like cloud & have that kind of hang time without raining to the earth.

I research Chemtrails everyday & due to the fact that the Bad Guys read this site too, I cannot say what we have found so far or who we are investigating but I can promise you that each day we get a little closer to putting the finger right on them.

I firmly believe that chemtrails are made by small twin prop planes with Oil Smoke Generators. This applies to the United States only. I have done no research in any other countries & make no claims to that effect.

I tell everyone “Don’t just take my word for it. Please Go Look for Yourselves.”

Comment by El Dorado on July 23, 2012 at 2:16pm


Added new photos that show diffrent types of Chemtrail Phenomenon & explain the causes.

Comment by El Dorado on July 8, 2012 at 2:24pm


Illuminatisymbols13 has the best YouTube channel about chemtrails & Nibiru.

All the videos can be found here-

People like this are having a MASSIVE EFFECT on the cover up & may be saving people’s lives.

At this time I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for ALL of your efforts in researching chemtrails.


Comment by El Dorado on July 8, 2012 at 2:21pm

Florence faithful,

Thank you for the comment!

You can find all you want to know about the passage on these 2 sites-

Comment by florence faithful on July 7, 2012 at 10:03pm

Wow those were very interesting. anyone else who wants to view the are under april 19th date but these were just posted. I have not queried how Niburu will affect Earth. I am ready to dig after seeing those vids. Thank you El Dorado!

Comment by El Dorado on July 7, 2012 at 5:31pm

I just added 3 new videos that show how they use chemtrails to TRY to hide the Nibiru Complex.

It don't work so good any more as it is becoming much brighter. To see the increase in brightness compare my still photo (early spring 2012) to the videos.

Comment by El Dorado on July 3, 2012 at 1:19pm


Thank you for the comment.

I whole heartedly agree that chemtrails are multipurpose. What I meant was that the chemtrails happening right now above my head are only to block our view of the Nibiru complex.

When Chemtrails first started it was a joint effort between the wealthy and the US Military under the guise of Crowd Control. They want to prevent migrating hoards of evacuating souls from reaching their survival bunkers.

One of the most famous tests occurred in Oakville, Washington on August 7, 1994. Tiny blobs of gelatinous goo rained from the sky making dozens of people severely ill.

Once the military learned that the plan was actually to kill the evacuees, they backed out & wanted nothing to do with it.

The plan now is to keep fogging up the skies until it is time to poison us to death.

These are some very Sick & Dangerous people that need to be taken off the street ASAP.

I will update this blog accordingly.

Thanks Terry for pointing this out!

Comment by El Dorado on June 10, 2012 at 1:38pm


Those are some great photos!

Thank you for sharing!

Comment by Johnithan Smith on June 9, 2012 at 1:45pm

Another prop plane with smoke coming out of tail

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